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Healthcare Focus
Generic selling skills, business planning, and objection handling are provided by hundreds of consulting firms today. However, very few specialize in meeting the training requirements of the healthcare industry. RMI's skill development programs have been developed specifically for the healthcare industry.

Depth & Breadth of Experience & Leadership in Healthcare
Our implementation team has an average of 20 years of experience within the healthcare market in positions ranging from Telesales Representative to Vice President of Sales. Our experience enables us to design training solutions that increase productivity at all levels of the healthcare organization.

Customized, Real World Training
RMI is unique in that we incorporate your products, market and business situations into the training products we deliver to you. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with our clients to design and implement tailored training solutions that focus on achieving their objectives. As a result, we are best known for the realism of our training and the ease with which the skills we teach find direct application in the "real world."

Systematic Approach To Maximizing Productivity
We offer our clients a systematic approach to improving sales productivity which links consultation, problem solving and training at all levels. By delivering consistent training across all disciplines, RMI expedites the integration of infrastructure and skills so that productivity goals are recognized in the shortest period of time.

Global Experience & Reach
Our consulting team includes seasoned healthcare professionals in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. They can provide the language skills and country specific knowledge to ensure that your global strategy is successfully implemented at the regional and country levels.

We Get The Job Done
As a full-service training and development company dedicated to the needs of healthcare companies, we work closely with our clients to design and implement customized training and communication solutions that focus on achieving their specific objectives quickly.

Chris Kennedy, President

Jim McLean, Consultant

Nedo Besirevic, Director Europe
RMI d.o.o.

Kenmichi Takahashi, Managing Director, RMI Corporation

Ricardo Pacheco, Consultant
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